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A new standard for modern building connectivity organisation & management

Our Smart Building solution assists landlords by implementing, upgrading and managing cutting-edge fibre-optic/wired infrastructure for their commercial buildings.

Working in partnership with leading commercial landlords and in consultation with international connectivity rating bodies, our Smart Building solution is designed to be the first UK based service specifically designed to meet the needs of next generation building connectivity services.

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Digital connectivity is considered the third most important factor when searching for office space,

behind only cost and location. As technology increases in the workplace and the number of tech businesses grow, the importance of digital connectivity is going to increase further. However, until recently there has been very little information available to tenants about the quality and choice of internet connectivity.

“Critically, 32% of tech workers believe that more businesses will be attracted to the city if landlords were able to offer greater/improved connectivity.”
Manchester Digital Report, 2016
High-speed connectivity remains a priority for digital tech businesses with 28% reporting digital infrastructure as a challenge. ”
Tech Nation report, 2016
“Great connectivity has already been displayed by properties that have achieved Wired Certification, including the GLA’s own City Hall.”
38% of technology workers in the North believe improved connectivity would make Manchester a more attractive city to UK based companies.”
Tech Nation report, 2016
“Better data on business access to broadband and other digital infrastructure would enable cities to ensure that companies get the connectivity they need in order to thrive and grow.”
Tech Nation report, 2016

Designed for connectivity ratings

With a growing trend towards connectivity ratings for buildings, it will become commonplace for information to be collected about the internet connectivity and infrastructure available in commercial buildings, that will be made publicly available to businesses of all sizes looking for office space and assist with lettings.

All your building's connectivity: managed, maintained and up-to-date

Experts in commercial property networks

Experience in building a national telecoms network with commercial property landlords, which has provided us with a unique understanding of service provider needs married with those of the landlord.

Full network management

End to end management from preliminary report through to ongoing management of infrastructure, Smart Building is able to offer a turnkey solution.

Monetise your connectivity

We work with landlords to monetise their investment in wired infrastructure.

Connection concierge service for tenants

Each infrastructure solution we deploy such as our Node is built to data centre standards meaning your tenants receive an unparalleled comms concierge service.

Third party integrations

Add management of roofspace as a part of your Smart Building requirement or a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for mobile phones.

Future-proofed by design

Smart Building has been developed with the anticipation of internet of things, drone delivery services, Office AI and other future building services in mind.

Designed and implemented specifically for each building we work with

Our Smart Building solution provides a full connectivity managed service for landlords, tailored on a per building basis. Whether it be an existing building needing upgraded or an entirely new development, Smart Building works with a building's unique characteristics to implement the latest connectivity services and facilities.

Some highlights include:

  • Establishing multiple communications point of entry
  • Implementation of single or multiple telecoms / point of presence areas
  • Integration of fibre and wireless
  • Utilisation and management of diverse risers for telecoms wired infrastructure
  • High capacity smart WiFi deployed in the lobby for tenants and guests

Smart Building services

We’ve tailored our Smart Building solution to cater for all aspects of building connectivity management from drafting of a preliminary report through to infrastructure/tech upgrade and ongoing management. We can help with everything or just one aspect of your buildings communications.


Preliminary Report

Our consultation team will assess your property’s current network infrastructure and make recommendations as to possible improvements based upon your desired objectives.



Building network upgrades

Our team of engineers will refit your buildings network infrastructure to bring it up to date based upon industry specifications, best practices and latest technology.



Full building connectivity management

An ongoing management contract that ensures your building’s communications infrastructure remains at a high standard, with secure, carrier independent internal network, managed telecoms point of presence and optional wayleave management.


Supercharge your Smart Building

We offer add-on’s to help increase your Wired Building solution and cover all the connectivity bases.


Generate additional income whilst managing your available roof space. We partner with Roofspace to feature your roof, make it available to rent and streamline the various components associated with wireless internet. Roofspace plugs straight into Node.

Conversion fee

Mobile Coverage

Improve your in building mobile/cellular coverage through adding a micro site to your Node. We work with the four major mobile network operators to ensure all in building 3G/4G coverage elements are met taking your wired scoring one step further.


Future-proofing your building

We’ve designed our Smart Building solution to be on the leading edge of building connectivity. It won’t be long before services currently considered science fiction become everyday and important to your tenants. Future integrations include:

Internet of Things

Drone Delivery

Office AI

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We offer a free building survey to help both our team and yours know where your building's current strengths and weaknesses are in terms of connectivity. With that we can tell you more about how Telcom can help you get the most out of your building's connectivity.

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