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In this day and age building connectivity is no longer an afterthought to be left to tenants to fend for themselves. In order for commercial buildings to standout and offer prospective tenants leading services, a proactive approach to building connectivity and its management is required.

As a part of our Smart Building solution we are able to offer landlords and facility management companies a unique managed service that encompasses management of third party or Telcom designed and built wired infrastructure.

+ Third party building infrastructure

+ Smart Building building infrastructure

Whether providing riser management for third party infrastructure or a full managed service including wifi and cross connects, we are able to provide professional care for you buildings connectivity infrastructure, whilst allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best.

Wired Infrastructure Management

As a part of our on going management service we can look after all or some of the following services relating to your buildings connectivity.

Riser Management

Management of your telecoms risers.

Telecoms Point of Presence

Access to and management of your telecoms areas.

Cross Connect

Connection to tenants for 3rd party service providers.

White Labelling

Ability to offer your own branded internet and voice services to tenants.

Plug & Play

With a Node in your building we can provide instant connection and flexibility


Management of service provider wayleave and building demarcation.

What is Riser Management?

Riser management is how these vertical closets are maintained, supported, secured and extended from the Telecoms room/s.

Prior to deregulation of the telecom industry, riser cabling was maintained by the local telephone company, ie. Virgin/Vodafone/BT Openreach.

While deregulation evened the playing field for smaller telecom companies and encouraged competition it has left riser cabling in a state of disarray. Adding to the problem is the fact that in non riser managed buildings, tenants hire their own network cabling companies to perform the work. This leads to disorganised telco closets, security risks, downtime for occupiers, abandoned cabling and fire hazards.

Our approach to building management

Buildings in Development/Redevelopment

With buildings where tenants have not yet taken occupation we suggest management be incorporated in the service charge. In this instance we charge charged on a per sq ft basis.

Complete and Occupied Buildings

Where buildings already have tenants in place and it may not be feasible for landlords to add management to service charge we offer the option for management to be charged on a line rental basis.
Dependant upon infrastructure

Monetise your investment

As a part of our management of your building infrastructure we can work with you to help with monetisation of your investment should you wish. Opportunities for revenue generation can include:

Line Rental

Dependant upon the infrastructure in place a monthly line rental fee can be charged to tenants for usage of dark fibre.

Cross Connection Fee

One off cross connection fees for connection a new service provider to the buildings connectivity infrastructure and through to end tenant.

White Labeling

Ability to provide connectivity and voice services to your end tenants providing a revenue share.

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