Private Rental Sector internet connectivity

Internet connectivity for Build-to-Rent / Private Rental Sector (PRS) properties

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Private Rental Sector Services

Cutting edge and future proofed connectivity infrastructure for the Build to Rent (PRS) sector.

Developed in line with the latest in international standards our fibre to the home residential service for Private Rental Sector developers ensures your building has the infrastructure to attract tenants and is always able to stay ahead of the curve as tenant expectations develop.


Connectivity is rapidly becoming the fourth utility alongside electricity, gas and water.

As the consumption of data explodes, connectivity needs to be a part of the PRS development strategy from day one.

Telcom works with property owners and professionals to install new connectivity infrastructure platforms. Installed as an original specification, and detachable from supplier ensuring landlords are not tied into one supplier forever as a part of the initial design.

Pure fibre, all the way from the exchange to your tenants.

Traditional way

Traditional ADSL

All xDSL Service Providers use the Openreach copper phone line and exchange infrastructure. This means little to no technical differentiation is possible. ISP product differentiation is done by price, traffic management, download limits, and customer service only.

Large majority of developments are not connected to cabinets and go straight to the exchange.

Average Speed: 8.1 Mbps

Traditional way

Traditional FTTC

(Fibre To The Cabinet)

FTTC brings Fibre between the Exchange and Street Cabinet, only where this connection already exists. Core network and last mile network (beyond the cabinet) remain as is.

Service is still distance dependent due to the last mile and there is still minimum ISP product differentiation possible.

FTTC services use existing ISP backhaul network and any limitations therein.

Average Speed: 44.6 Mbps

Our way

Telcom Fibre Network

Telcom installs a new Fibre network, bypassing Openreach’s last mile infrastructure. Market leading products and services created and properties are future proofed.

No distance dependence

Speeds delivered: 30-1000 Mbps

A history of working with great property companies

Our Process


Telcom engages with property advisors to include residential internet infrastructure specifications in construction plans

Telcom’s residential brand ‘Blaze’ services and benefits included in building marketing collateral

Developer agrees contract term and signs wayleave.

WiFi strategy agreed for building communal areas.


Telcom field operations engineers complete the detailed network design

Developer installs blown fibre tubing per supplied specification

Delivery team installs rack, equipment, blown fibre, cross connect and in-unit fibre jacks.

Fibre is installed to link to the Telcom network.

Optional: backup wireless link installed on roof to provide resiliency.


Blaze provides broadband with the optional addition of residential phone services.

Customer service is offered 24X7 and bills users monthly.

Telcom maintains and supports the in building equipment and network.

Landlord provided with an annual revenue share for all broadband services if charged to end residents.

Optional: phone and broadband are bundled into service charges if required.

Telcom’s PRS residential service offering

... for tenants:

30 Mbps £24 / month
120 Mbps £30 / month
1000 Mbps £60 / month

... for landlords:

Annual revenue share
Free installation
option to purchase equipment
Service either provided directly to individual tenants
on bulk to landlord for all as managed service

Benefits of PRS with Telcom

Connectivity for all residents from day one and easily upgradeable

Single contract with operator

Optimised for future home services such as VR & online gaming

Development differentiator helping to attract tenants

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