Node Connectivity Hubs

State of the art connectivity hubs for buildings



A secure supplier agnostic telecommunications point of presence for your building

Node is designed to be the primary, plug-and-play communications interface for your building, combining a secure, managed, carrier-neutral telecomuncations hub with a fully managed internal building network.

Our Node solution includes Riser Management which means that all your internal wired infrastructure is professionally managed, ensuring that your tenants receive the services they require, where they require them without the need for third party service providers to run additional cabling throughout the building. Service providers only need to connect to the building’s Node to have instant connection to anywhere in the building without causing disruption to tenants or possible damage to the property.

With a Node we become an extension of your in-house building management and maintenance team. We coordinate all telecoms riser and cabling extensions with tenants as well as telecom and cable service providers to allow building management to concentrate on core business.

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All your building's connectivity: managed, maintained and up-to-date

Increased revenue

Increased revenue and reduced operating expense

Reduced liability

Reduced liability with Code adherence and compliance

Happier tenants

Improved tenant satisfaction with fast, professional service

Save time & resources

Reduced time required by building managers and engineers for riser cabling support

Securer network

Controlled access to various closets and common spaces

Rapid install & support

Rapid response time from engineers that know your network

Cross connects

Fully managed cross connect service included

Everything looked after

One contact for management and tenants

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