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Awesome internet is here, Manchester.

Up to 1Gb/s connections from a company dedicated to startups


Your catchy headline has my attention, tell me more...

We have some pretty cool customers

  • Allied London
  • Google
  • Sky
  • Uber
  • LadBible
  • Leeds
  • Tech North
  • HelloWork

so we know how to provide superfast internet to businesses who rely on it every day.


What makes Telcom's connections awesome?

I'm glad you asked!

Fast, symmetrical connections
Connections with both superfast download and upload speeds.
Quick and flexible installations
We use wireless links to get your connection up faster and wherever you need it.
Affordable prices with shorter contract lengths
Our tech keeps our connection and installation costs down which allows us to pass those savings on to you.
A connection that moves with you
If you move somewhere else within our network coverage, we'll let you bring your connection with you.
Lovely, local support people
...normally hyped up on cupcakes that kind customers have sent them.
No landline required
Our fibre links are all the way from the backbone of the internet to your laptop - no landline needed.

And how much does this all cost?


Connections & Pricing

Priority line

A fully dedicated superfast connection to the UK’s fibre backbone

30Mbps £210/month
50Mbps £325/month
100Mbps £450/month
200Mbps £800/month
1Gbps £1600/month

Shared line

Unlock with more than 3 Shared Line connection applications in the same building

Share a superfast connection with several other businesses in your building. Less setup, cheaper prices, still awesome connections.

30Mbps £110/month
50Mbps £205/month
100Mbps £295/month
We are live: Connections available in Manchester City Centre and surrounding area.

Want us to connect to your building?
Head to our business internet page to read more & apply:

Business internet

(Psst - we also do superfast home internet and VoIP if you need that too!)