Internet connections don’t get better than our fibre broadband leased lines

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Dedicated, ultrafast internet for your business

A connection all to yourself

No longer is your internet speed limited by people sharing your connection. Your connection to the internet is exclusively for your business.

Blisteringly fast speeds

Our massive bandwidth connections mean that you can experience superfast internet connectivity

Fast setup

Our wireless link technology options allow us to bring superfast connections to your business without waiting for cabling to be installed, which means you get online faster.


Speeds & Prices

A one-off installation fee, then one monthly price. Simple as that.
No limits. No line-rental. No hidden charges.


What do these speeds mean?


Maximise your connection

We provide a variety of services to help you make the most out of your connection.

Professionally designed, monitored and managed networks

You worry about running your business. Let us design and build a tailored network solution for your business premises with round-the-clock support and monitoring to making sure you stay happy and online.

Managed LAN services

Smarter business phone solutions with VoIP

Make the most of your superfast internet connection with our powerful, competitively priced VoIP phone solutions.

Business VoIP solutions

Incredible Public Wi-Fi solutions

Let us help you maximise the value of your public Wi-Fi offering with our open, fast and high-coverage Wi-Fi solution

Public Wi-Fi solutions