Great phone and broadband services for smarter, faster homes

Faster internet connections with fibre all the way to your door and cheaper, clearer phone services powered by VoIP technology. Internet and phone services built for a modern world.


Superfast fibre broadband connections with no limits

We now live in a world of streaming movies, online gaming and your home’s poor copper phone lines weren’t built to manage all that data. We bring our superfast home fibre connections all the way from our core network to your doorhome so you have all the speed you need.

Our superfast home internet

Cheaper, clearer phone lines

If we have set up a fibre broadband connection in your home, you now have access to our VoIP platform, allowing you to get calls over your internet connection so no more BT line rental costs plus much cheaper call rates.

You can even keep your old number!

Our home VoIP phone lines

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