Common Questions and Answers


What is Telcom offering?What does shared mean?What is a gigabit?What is DIA?Can I call Telcom to get help?How do I get Telcom for my business?What is the difference between Megabit (Mbit) and MegaByte (MByte)?


What is a Telcom shared line?Are there any data caps on my internet connection?Do you offer a telephone service?What is PureFibre?


If I need to change my appointment time, what do I do?How do I schedule my installation?What willl happen during installation?Which devices will be installed with Telcom? What is included and what is additional?

Accounts & Billing

I already have Telcom installed. How do I cancel?How do I change my plan?How and when will I be billedWhat payment options do I have?Will I receive a paper bill?


Where are the hidden costs? What's the fine print?Do I own this equipment? Do I need to return it if I cancel service?What are the warranties on the devices? Is there a replacement cost? What should I do if it breaks?

Property Owners

My landlord already signed my property up for fibre. Do I need to do anything?I own a property that is currently under an existing contract. What should I do now?I am the property owner for a MTU. How do I bring Telcom Fiber to our building?

Telcom Unity

How does Telcom select which sites receive free public wifi?What is the cost to become a member of Telcom Unity?Is Telcom Unity available in my area?


What is a VoIP phone service?Does my old phone work with VoIP?Can I keep my old number when moving to VoIP?
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