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No planning, no digging, no delays – just connectivity

At absolutely no cost Telcom will quickly enable your building with ultrafast fibre internet – allowing your tenants to enjoy blistering speeds of up to 10Gbps straight away.

As a leading supplier of commercial services, we understand the challenges for businesses in sourcing connectivity – long lead times, wayleave issues and high installation costs. For landlords, these challenges have a knock-on effect – delayed move-in dates, the potential relocation if there is insufficient bandwidth and, for tenancies to be cancelled if costs for installing internet services are simply too much.

Increasingly, landlords, managing agents and developers are recognising internet as an essential utility and a factor to consider when attracting new tenants to their buildings. With this in mind we’ve created our Telcom Activated Premises (TAP) solution to ensure buildings are internet ready.

A history of working with great property companies

Customer case studies Allied London Fore Partnership Colliers Manchester City Council

Anatomy of a Connected Building

Fully networked buildings, with management networks built to provide a solid foundation for modern technologies.

IOT Enabled

Fully networked buildings are prepared for integration and setup of ‘IOT’ devices like smart meters and door entry systems.

Instant, remote network management

TAP buildings are enabled with smarted network equipment allowing for instantaneous remote access by our engineers. Things like upgrading a tenant’s connection speed can be done at the click of a button.

Plug & Play infrastructure

Setting up a new customer in a TAP building is as simple as plugging their access device into the existing network. Imagine being able to set up a 100Mbps connection for an event for just a few days. That is the power of plug & play.

Customers online in days

Due to the way we deliver, there’s no digging, no delay and no reliance on other network providers meaning you we offer dedicated leased lines and deploy ultrafast WiFi within days!

Optional extras

We offer plenty of optional extras to augment your Connected Building, from additional backup connections to WiFi hotspots in public areas.

Key Benefits for Landlords, Agents & Developers:

The availability of Telcom services in your building will set you apart from the rest of the market. Many businesses consult us on the availability of internet services in office spaces before they make their choice.

Limited offer: Completely free installation

Our team will install the connectivity infrastructure into your building for free.

Unlocked by the Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Ultrafast WiFi in communal areas

Free ultrafast WiFi for your tenants and their guests in communal areas such as reception.

Retain existing tenants

Give you tenants more reason to stay by offering faster internet speeds and/or complex, resilient backup connections.

Leased lines with guaranteed, symmetrical speeds

New tenants can have ultrafast Internet access on the day they move in.

Transparent, competitive pricing

Average customer will save up to £1,800 a year on internet with Telcom.

Ultrafast delivery time

No longer will lease date be driven by length installation times. Installed within 7 day.

Customers are happier with us

Our support doesn’t end with a connection hand off, customer’s receive help from end to end.

Contracts as flexible as tenants require

With contract options as low as 1 month we offer contract terms that complement tenant leases and can be moved.

A guaranteed revenue stream

Receive a percentage of the customers line rental.

A reliable, more agile network

Built from the ground up with modern SDN technology Telcom’s network boasts 99.99% uptime with self healing capabilities.

Includes: Connection Concierge

Provide an unparallelled tenant experience for getting online with the included Connection Concierge service:

Custom Marketing

Free custom building specific branded marketing material to help you attract and retain tenants

Expedited Connection

Once your building has been enabled we are able to provide your tenants with with a connection within 48 hours of signing an order form


Added flexibility, customers can move between buildings in your property portfolio and still enjoy the same ultrafast connectivity

Installation is Free for a limited time, enabled by the Government Gigabit Voucher Scheme

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