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“For many years we have been unable to offer the new, or existing, tenants a broadband solution, leading the tenants to find their own supplier. That brought its own challenges for all parties, agreeing cabling routes, installation dates/times, lead-in times etc. With the new partnership with Telcom, and a pre-wired network throughout the building, we can now offer a quick and affordable solution to all tenants within the Liver Building, which has greatly reduced the connection time and stress of getting these services delivered.”
Ian Edwards - General Manager at CBRE

Project requirement

Having worked with CBRE previously, they were well aware of the importance that connectivity plays in letting commercial office space and looked to Telcom for assistance in ensuring tenants had the best experience with their connectivity.

The client had concerns around installing telecoms in the building with it being grade I listed but were swiftly assured of the capabilities of Telcoms in-house engineering teams and assurances around comprehensive risk assessments and method statements.


  • Provide Technology Infrastructure Management as a bolt on to the existing Facility Management team.
  • Install professional managed telecommunications infrastructure throughout the development.
  • Directly manage all full-fibre connections with tenants.
The Royal Liver Building is a Grade I listed building in Liverpool, England. It is located at the Pier Head and along with the neighbouring Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building is one of Liverpool's Three Graces, which line the city's waterfront.

In order to fulfil the points laid out in the project brief, the Telcom team proposed installation of the zero cost Preconnect solution. Work completed included:

  • Installed main comms cabinet to feed the building
  • Provided inter-floor fibre connections for tenants spanning multiple floors.
  • Installed resilient wireless connectivity via the roof top from a Telcom POP site
  • Allocated specialist engineer and project management team.
  • Riser management of rooftop and interconnection with building Hubs.
  • Tenants now have access to divers 10,000Mbps connectivity within 24 hours
  • Communal and private WiFi with landlord local area network (LAN).
  • Ensured no tenant move in dates were delayed due to their fibre install date
  • Connection concierge for ongoing management,supplier and customer relations

Royal Liver Building now hosts the most sophisticated connectivity solution on the market which represents how all buildings will eventually be connected. With connectivity now provided as a utility to tenants, the building is free of wayleave issues, lengthy delays and general confusion.

Whereas previously, tenants were left to their own devices to arrange office connectivity, now all tenants of all sizes can access a range of connectivity options, installed within 24 hours.

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