Kinrise (formerly LJ Real Estate) transforms iconic buildings into contemporary workspaces across UK cities. Projects include Canada House and The Albert Estate in Manchester and 34 Boar Lane in Leeds. For a small group of investing families, Kinrise is creating an iconic portfolio of buildings supporting transformation in key UK cities, through creative refurbishments, technology, social and environmental impact initiatives.

“Working with Telcom on Preconnect was the perfect solution to connect the Albert Estate to incredibly fast connectivity without compromising the buildings. The Telcom team were very professional, taking into account the specific requirements of the estate and our tenants. Being able to connect tenants within hours has been fundamental to build our business community.”
Sam Lawson Johnston, Managing Director

Having recently purchased the historic Albert Estate and embarked upon extensive refurbishment works, Kinrise needed to find connectivity solution that would help support their aim to foster a new community of innovative, sustainable and socially-minded businesses.

Given the nature of the estate and the way telecom operators usually operate, Kinrise faced:

  • Finding a solution compatible with the fact the estate is comprised of listed historic buildings in a conservation area.
  • Difficulty to get fibre providers to preemptively connect prior to tenant arrival.
  • Potentially long delays for tenants looking to take space due to fibre not being in place.
  • Spending money on refurbishment works only to have fibre providers come along at a later date and run cabling through recently finished offices below the standards desired.
The Albert Estate is a community of dynamic businesses based in four iconic properties around Manchester's Albert Square. It's the geographical and social heart of the city. A focal point for visionary businesses, culture and entertainment: place to experience the true spirit of Manchester.

To ensure we had a clear understanding of estate, we compiled an Assessment report for the building to outline the existing connectivity status and detail all existing infrastructure. Based upon the assessment we were able to put forward a proposed Telcom Preconnect proposal that helped to mitigate all of the challenges faced by Kinrise. The overall solution for the Albert Estate included

  • Building specific Assessment Reports
  • Installation of a Wireless Leased Line on the roof using a non-penetrating roof mount to account for the listed status.
  • The installation of an external Telcom Activated Premises (TAP) cabinet to account for limited space within the building.
  • Multiple cables from the TAP to each floors communications riser cupboard in preparation for tenants taking space. This allows to use a simple, non-invasive connection from the riser once the location of comms equipment is known.
  • Creation of building-branded promotional material such as building specific flyers to help communicate the solution to incoming tenants.

Once up and running the new Telcom Preconnect system allowed Kinrise of their tenants encountered a connectivity related move-in delay: they instead benefited from an enhanced array of services that would otherwise have been expensive or fraught with delivery issues. The Albert Estate is now able to offer:

  • Tenants online within hours
  • Backup connections for additional resiliency
  • Temporary connections to assist with stop-gap connectivity where tenants had a requirement for a particular fibre service

Thanks to the ease and reliability of Preconnect, Kinrise to connect a complex of iconic buildings to state-of-the-art internet without compromising the tenant experience.This makes the Albert Estate a key business and historic landmark right in the centre of Manchester.

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