Smarter, cheaper business phones, powered by VoIP technology

Professional, secure and flexible phone solutions for any size of company, from startups to call centres.

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Get the most out of your business phone

Our business control panel is packed with features to save you time and make the most of your VoIP system:

Smarter call management

The flexibility to control how and when calls move through your business' phone system.

Dial “2” for...

Save your team time routing calls to the appropriate person with voice menus (also known as IVR menus).

Keep your old number(s)

If you have pre-existing business numbers, we can in most cases port them to your new phone line.

Virtual fax machine

Conference call rooms

Time-based routing

Call groups

Call recording

Call queues


Built on modern VoIP technology

The flexibility and power of our business phone lines comes from being based on technology called VoIP (Voice over IP). This technology takes advantage of the flexibility of modern, fast internet connections, moving calls away from the traditional copper wires and BT line rental.

VoIP phone lines have all the features of traditional phone systems and more, with less hardware costs and maintenance.

Higher security of data, stored centrally in secure server centres.

No large, bulky phone system hardware required in your building

Remote management means simpler and faster maintenance.

Want to read more about the power of VoIP? Check out our page on the advantages of VoIP phone systems.


Get Telcom Voice for your business

All you need to get Telcom Voice for your business is a good internet connection (pssst - those are our specialty) - we normally recommend 1.2Mbps per phone line.

Pricing from £10/month

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