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Building networks designed to attract tech companies

With technology quickly becoming the foundation upon which almost every business vertical now depends, prospective tenants needs and expectations for connectivity are quickly outstripping the services on offer from standard commercial properties.

Why implement or upgrade connectivity infrastructure

Having a well thought out connectivity strategy is essential for all parties in the commercial real estate community.

For property owners and landlords

Promote your building’s connectivity as a cutting-edge utility, attract and upgrade your tenant base, and realize higher rental rates.

For agents

Upgraded connectivity infrastructure helps agents serve your clients better and faster by matching them with properties that meet their specific connectivity needs.

Future-proofed, fully managed building networks

There are many ways to keep the complex requirements of building connectivity up-to-date and stress-free.

As a part of our Smart Building solution we can either assist with the implementation of a greenfield network for new developments/redevelopments or with the upgrading/retrofit of complete or occupied buildings.

Node: Smart Connectivity Hubs

Our cutting edge telecoms point of presence installation ensuring your building is future proofed. Can include all or some of the services mentioned.

Telecoms Riser Management

Implement a strategy that will either negate the need for service providers to run cables through your building or if so it is done in an orderly, professional and secure manner.


Communal and landlord area WiFi for receptions and other guest spaces. A great way to foster a community and advertise your building to visitors and the surrounding area.

Distributed Antenna System

Improve indoor mobile coverage through the installation of a DAS.

Dark fibre

Based upon our depth of experience in installing in building fibre networks we can implement a solution that will see fibre connected to each of suite or space in your building.

Free smart building surveys

To help landlords find out more about the implementation and upgrade options for their properties we are currently offering free preliminary reports.

We undertake a preliminary survey of your property if built or review plans if under development, and provide a report outlining suggested actions that could help take your buildings connectivity to the next level.

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