Free Building Connectivity Surveys

Discover how to get the most out of your building's connectivity with a free assessment of your property by one of our network engineering team to identify ways you can maximise your building's connectivity.

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What do I get from the survey?

The objective of our free Building Connectivity Survey is to give you a list of recommendations for how we can help improve your building's connectivity. There is no charge for the survey - it is simply a way for us to get to know one another and work out if Telcom can help.

What does the survey involve?

Our Building Connectivity Survey is just our way of helping businesses understand more about their building's connectivity capabilities and where they can be improved.

One of our team will talk you through our Smart Building recommendations and give you an idea of how your property measures up, with advice on improvements that can be made to maximise your building's connectivity.

What if I want to make changes based upon the assessment feedback?

Not only do we conduct assessments, but Telcom has a full network engineering team able to carry out any changes required to the property.


Where is your property located?

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